Living on the North Shore of Massachusetts and its never ending beauty offers endless opportunities to nourish one's creative spirit.  The sunrise on the marsh, the open farmlands and pastures at dusk, the energy of the ocean, the calling of the mountains and woodlands is a constant inspiration to create.

Nature, colors and the internal space when painting is my passion.  It is all about the process and being in the "zone" with the end work capturing the emotion.  The spirit, light and energy is the driving force to soulful hands and our intuitive mind, pushing and releasing the brush stroke, palette knife or instrument as the visual image takes form.

Places and things, moments in time spark a passion which inspires me to work in a variety of mediums and surfaces; a canvas, wood, natures findings, or a gourd.  At times the inspiration is to paint a vessel of our cherished garden flowers.

May the viewer share a glimmer of life, a vibration of energy from a remembered moment or place in life's journey or simply a smile, then the work has served its purpose.

"Joining heaven and earth through human expression is the essence of art".